Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life Can Be So Unfair

As some of you may know, I belong to an online community of Multiple Mamas. I have been "friends" with some of these girls since I was pregnant with the girls, and although I have not met any of them in real life, I have become very close to some of them as we move through this unique journey of being moms to multiples. It is a close knit community on a private board and there is always someone to lend an ear or offer their expertise or looking for their own advice. This weekend of the the moms lost their little girl. Her triplets were born 8wks ago at 25wks 5d. The were so tiny and at that age it was going to be a long and hard fight. But they were all fighters. As of Thursday they were all doing excellent. Annaleigh had even graduated to coming off all breathing help. 48hrs later she is gone. How is that even possible? She had a bacteria in her bowel that basically ate it away and it was too late. She died Sat afternoon in her mother's arms.
I look at the girls and can't even imagine what Brooke is going though. I was somehow blessed to have an easy pregnancy with 2 little girls that had no intentions of even coming out at 38wks. They never went to the NICU and came home with us at 4 days old. You cannot believe how lucky I am that that is how things turned out for us. It is so not the norm. Babies are born early all the time and face such uphill battles. It is so unfair, to both the innocent little baby and the families that have to live their lives in the constant fear that they will lose their child. I thank God everyday that we were/are so lucky to have what seems to be 2 happy and healthy babies. I will never take this for granted though. Life can change in an instant. Please say a prayer for Annaleigh, and her family, Brooke, Joe, Charlie and Lilly. You can read their story here:
And please do not take life for granted. Kiss your babies and realize how lucky you are. No matter how bad things may seem to be today, somewhere, somebody is going through something you cannot even imagine.

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