Monday, July 27, 2009

Our House

We bought our first house this past week! We put in an offer last Saturday, she countered Monday am, we countered right back. She countered Monday pm and we countered back with a final offer. She hemmed and hawed and wanted to speak to her accountant about it and sleep on it. 6pm Wednesday night we got the call that she had accepted! We are still in amazement. We got a great deal. The timing was great. The agent has gotten 3 calls since then with people wanting to see it a 2nd time. Had that happened prior to her accepting our offer she would have never accepted. Did I mention we got a great deal? 3br/2ba nearly 1600sq not including a basement that has already been started to be refinished, and it is 1.6 acres of land. Inspection was today and the biggest issue is the septic needing to be pumped-"Shitters Full"~ala Christmas Vacation Movie. Nothing else was a big deal at all. Met with the broker today too, signed a bunch of papers and all that is being processed. So we are on our way! We feel so lucky to have found it and are excited to move into our first house. Closing is set for Aug 31!
The living room
Fireplace-the ugly thing over the top is easily popped off-thank goodness!


Dining Room

My Laundry Room!

Summer Fun

The girls have survived their first real illness and are back to their crazy selves. This past week has been a busy one. Seeing, the band play, a playdate with one of their BFFs and buying a house!-more on that in another post.

Tubby time-I couldn't resist!

Logan working sound with Daddy

Bailey enjoying the show

Snack time-they love those chairs and will sit in them for quite a long time

Bailey and her BFF Chloe

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hand, Foot and Mouth

This week we had the pleasure of experiencing Hand, Foot and Mouth times two. It all started on Tuesday when Logan had a fever. Nothing too crazy my first thought was teething. Then Wednesday afternoon she was up to 102, and Bailey also now had a fever of 101.4 I needed to call the pedi nurse for a completely different issue so while I had her on the phone I asked what the correct dose of Tylenol was since it had been so long since the girls had needed it. She told me and then inquired why and when I told her that the girls had fevers but I thought it was just teething since they had no other symptoms, she informed me that their temps were too high to be teething fevers and if we got to 103, or they still had them on Thursday they needed to be seen.

Thursday comes and their fevers were lower but as the day went on they began to rise, so I called and got an appointment. Lo and Behold they both have Hand Foot and Mouth. Poor girls had painful sores in the back of their throats, and on the drive to the pedi (no lie) Bailey had broken out in spots all over her back. By Thursday night their fevers had broken and we thought "Well that wasn't too bad." Big Mistake. Logan cried all day on Friday with maybe the exception of about two hours. No I am not exaggerating. There is no worse feeling than your baby crying in pain and you can't do anything besides alternate Mortin and Tylenol I actually had to call Brian and work and tell him he needed to come home. With her screaming and poor Bailey also needing attention I needed backup! We finally got them to nap and an hour and a half later had to wake them up to go look at some more houses (more on that later!) So now they have napped an hour and a half all day and feel miserable. Awesome! Needless to say I didn't go to work that night either and finally around 9:30 pm (2hrs after bedtime) we had gotten 2 over tired miserable feeling little girls to bed. They woke up Saturday feeling better thank goodness. They are still not 100%-they get tired out and are taking longer naps-but we are definitely past the worst of it!

If you know the girls at all you know this never happens!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Logan and Bailey's 1st year

Here is a little photographic progression of the girls first year. I used pictures of them together (including their first one that I happen to be in as well!) and tried to get one from each month. This is easier said than done since I apparently did not do a good job of labeling all the pictures. In doing this I cannot believe how much they have grown and changed. It is still hard t imagine those 2 little girls were ever in my belly. Where did my itty bitty babies go?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Twins!

Brian and I always knew that we wanted children so shortly after moving to Maine in Sept 07 we decided to see what would happen. Well in our world what happened is that we got pregnant 5wks later! Our first appointment was on my birthday. As soon as the tech put the wand on my belly I said "Is that twins?" and she said yes! The first words out of my mouth was "Oh Shit!!" Brian was quiet at this point so I said, "Honey?" and he just started to giggle-yes my grown husband giggled. We were in shock and throughout the pregnancy never really wrapped our head around the fact that there were two in there. To this day we will sometimes stop and say "Wow there are two of them!" Below you can enjoy the progression of my growing belly. I know some of you have seen them but probably not in succession.














Day before I delivered 37w6d

Monday, July 13, 2009

Brian and Meredith

Brian and I met in March 2003 when the job I had at the time required me to become lifeguard certified. I tried (and failed) to get out of it, and it is good that I didn't. Shortly after the class we were inseparable, and 4 yrs later we were married!

We went to Aruba on our honeymoon and it was the best trip either of us had ever been on!

Under the Baby Natural Bridge-the big one collapsed around 6 months before we got there

The Lighthouse from the boat we were snorkeling on
Stumpy-our BFF we ate breakfast with every morning