Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Little of Everything

We are really starting to settle into our new house. Which as I type that I am reminded that I am sure you all would like to see some updated pictures. I will have to get on that. The girls love all their new space. They are constantly on the go now which is so much fun but exhausting. Bailey's new favorite place to sit is on the window sill behind the couch. Yes you read that right, she climbs on the arm of the couch, lays on her belly and slides down to the windowsill. Gives me a heart attck everytime, but she loves it and boy is she quick! Logan has finally started walking. She was walking to one of us with encouragement for a few weeks but would not let go on her own. One of the first times she did, she walked halfway down the hallway kicking a ball with her when she went. Obviously she was quite capable all along, but was going to do it on her terms. I have no idea where she gets her stubborness from! One of their favorite parts of the house in the bath tub in our bathroom. It is huge and Bailey loves to swim!

Logan on the other hand likes to practice drinking out of a cup full of bath water (yuck) or just show off for the camera

The girls have also grown up a lot in the last few weeks. We are officially bottle free and have moved onto fork and spoon feeding. Logan is quite proficient with the fork and loves to dip a spoon into her yogurt and puts it right into her mouth

Bailey on the other had likes to hold her utensil in one hand and shove food in with the other. Needless to say she still needs some practice!

We had another playdate with their friend Chloe. She is so cute and after many tries I managed to get a picture of the three girls together

And finally a little Halloween preview. I really wanted to have the girls coordinate this year, but I am cheap and cannot see spending a ton of money on costumes they will wear for such a short period of time. The bee costume is a loner from Jody that she found while going through some clothes recently. The elephant was one of the few they had left in their size at Walmart. I have to say I am happy with the way it turned out. Have you seen a cuter elephant?



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